5th November 2014

Having read through a book that covers the subject matter that I want to cover , but it also highlight some key things I may want to bring up when writing my dissertation, a bonus to this I came across some text on the evolution of film and their recognition as art this may help strengthen my argument for video games as a new art form.

THE GREATEST ART FORM, BRETT E. MULLANEY, p13, “In reality, art simply cannot exist without technology, and as a result, art is, and will continue to be, both complicated and exponentially expanded by the advent of new technologies.”

Robert Sklar , Film: An international history of the medium, P54,” The transformation of filmmaking in the decade after 1910 had barely begun before sweeping new claims were made for the medium in the realms of culture, philosophy, and art. Motion pictures were said to be the first new art form of the modern era.” “Here was a new medium and art form almost unlimited potential, in the eyes of many, yet in its everyday reality it remained predominantly an inexpensive popular entertainment, produce for profit.

8th November 2014

For this weekend I had an important tasked to do and that was to read and understand Richard Wollheims works to fully understand it so I could apply it correctly, to that point I have succeeded thpugh it require me to re read through the text over three time I have a clear grasp of his appoarches.

Book: Art and its objects, Richard Wollheim, various pages,

  • “Aesthetic value is assigned to three different kinds of thing: to art itself (or some particular art); to particular works of art; and to characteristics either of art or of some particular work of art.”
  • – “…Realism attributions of aesthetic value have truth-value: they are either true or false.”
  • – “It is not conditional upon the possession of any other property by any further object, and more specifically it is altogether independents of the psychological properties of human beings.”
  • “…Objectivism too, attributions of aesthetic value have truth-value, but objectivism does not require that their truth-value should be totally independent of the physiological properties of human beings, though it must not be dependent on the psychological properties of specific human beings…”
  • …According to objectivism, aesthetic value depends upon the experience of humanity at large…”
  • “According to relativism not only is aesthetic value dependent upon the psychological properties of human beings, it is dependent upon the properties of specific human beings or specific groups of human beings.”

11th November 2014

Reading through a small section of the principles of art highlight a valid point that Richard Wollheim also make

The Principles of Art, R.g. Collinwood P105, “…use the word art or some kindred word to designate certain kinds of thing, and in the sense which we have now isolated as the proper sense of the word.


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